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Free download Aircraft Wargames | Fighters APK for Android

Description of Aircraft Wargames | Fighters Aircraft Wargames | Fighters is an arcade game for Android! Get ready for your final battle! Enjoy the new game fighter aircraft with more than 20 levels, each level has a few enemies with different abilities and attacks.To move your fighter plane slide your finger on the screen of your mobile or tablet. In each challenge you have up to 3 lives before his plane is destroyed, but whenever you lose life too will lose visibility, which will increase the difficulty. Fun shooting game for Android. Thumbs up ! War begins!You can choose from 8 different fighter planes, each plane has a shot and a different skill. Among the selectable planes is the TU-95 (strategic bomber and missile powered by four turboprop engines), F-15 Eagle (tactical airplane), the jet fighter car and twin-engine fifth-generation F-22 Raptor, the multirole fighter and great handling Eurummy 100rofighter Typhoon, another two-seater fighter plane called Sukhoi Su-30. It is air superiority fighter all time for air to air missions. F-16 Fighting Falcon is versatile single-engine aircraft.Types of shots:- Single shot.- Dual Shot.- Shot triple.Abilities :- Energy Shield: you can defend yourself from enemies by creating a protection force.- Ray of destruction: destroy all visible opponents.- Invisibility: your aircraft becomes invisible for a few seconds.- Help: add two permanent companions to fight by your side.Complete all missions destroying rivals. Dodging rocks, avoid the shots, destroy aircraft, and more. As small footprint is ideal for any tablet or mobile. Dispute this world war with your plane, shoot and use special skills to complete the levels.Aircraft Wargames | Fighters contains:+ Translated into 22 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Turkish, Russian, Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Indonesian, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Indian and Persian.+ 20 levels.+ Final bosses.+ 8 warplanes.+ 4 special abilities.+ Easy control.+ Game that takes up little space.+ World War.+ Have banners and interstitials.+ Does not contain in-app purchases.+ Totally Free.+ No internet connection required.Remember the meaning of airplane that is powered winged aircraft horizontally by one or more engines, used to transport passengers or goods or for military purposes. And war is a protracted armed struggle between two or more nations during which various battles occur. A battle is an armed confrontation between different forces.************************************************** ******************Do not forget to rate and comment on the tab of Google Play.Errors and suggestions send a message to [email protected] with the subject line "Aircraft Wargames | Fighters" and its contents.We will constantly update and improve "Aircraft Wargames | Fighters".Please rate and provide feedback to further improve the game.Thanks for playing

Version history Aircraft Wargames | Fighters New in Fighters 1.1.0 Fixed errors Please rate this app

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